• Rental of armored limousines

    with VR7/9 Armor

  • S.A.T. secures 65th Nobel Prize meeting with German President Gauck

  • Helicopter Service

  • Airport security escort service

  • Personal protection for foreign guests

  • Plant protection and property security

  • Bodyguardservice

  • Site-hedging

S.A.T. GmbH - "East"

The security service in Azerbaijan

Services of S.A.T. GmbH Security and Transport Corporation "Azerbaijan":

  • Courier services
  • Event and event service
  • Escort protection: personal protection, bodyguardservice and VIP service
  • Plant protection of company buildings in Azerbaijan
  • Limousine service
  • Limousine rental
  • Security services of all kinds

Contact Azerbaijan

S.A.T. Limited Security and Transport Corporation "Azerbaijan"

Azimzadeh 1,5
1096 Baku

Phone: +49 170 5618121