• Rental of armored limousines

    with VR7/9 Armor

  • S.A.T. secures 65th Nobel Prize meeting with German President Gauck

  • Helicopter Service

  • Airport security escort service

  • Personal protection for foreign guests

  • Plant protection and property security

  • Bodyguardservice

  • Site-hedging

Parking management

Maintenance of parking meters and inspection of motor vehicle

The unit parking management covers various activities around parking space.  

Our trained personnel carries out vehicle inspections with regard to leaking liquids and operating emergency exits as well as technical devices and parking meters. We guarantee a permanent and secure service and the regarding to attention and enforcement to access regulation.

Our personnel monitors the parked vehicles periodically with focus on property damage and sabotage. With the collaboration of local police we initiate whatever steps are necessary.

Supervision of barrier system
Surveillance of parking space
Counting of currency and coins our of cassettes used in self-service systems

Your advantage: long-standing experience since 1995


We clear your parking ticket machines, exchange full cassettes for empty ones and carry the coins to our headquarters in Legau. There we count the coinage, bundle it up and deposit the money onto your desired account the next day.

We offer the service for an economical price, no matter whether you request the service daily, weekly or variable periods.

>> Here you can request an individual and noncomittal offer for parking management