• Helicopter Service

Helicopter Air-Service

Renta a helicopter

We organize helicopter flights in Southern Germany
Augusta Bell A 109 Power, Twin Engine <br>Modern VIP Helicopter <br>Any Weather Conditions
  • IFR equipped
  • Ground distance radar
  • Autopilot
  • a quiet, faster, more comfortable travel helicopter for security transports or business
  • Air conditioning, Leather seats, minibar
EC 130 <br> AS 350 B3 <br> Bell 206 Jet Ranger <br> Single Engine
  • VIP equipped
  • latest materials
  • modern technology

Helicopter flights Book with S.A.T.

  • Helicopter-Skiing
  • Photo flights, wedding flights
  • VIP Special flights with personal protection
  • Load flights
  • Pilots check flights and training trough partner company


We accept your reservation gladly

On request included

  • VIP-Shuttle with personal protection
  • VIP Event complete package with luxury class events

We fly on schedule everywhere!