• Rental of armored limousines

    with VR7/9 Armor

  • S.A.T. secures 65th Nobel Prize meeting with German President Gauck

  • Helicopter Service

  • Airport security escort service

  • Personal protection for foreign guests

  • Plant protection and property security

  • Bodyguardservice

  • Site-hedging


Investigator Service

Our trained investigators detect thieves by our long-standig experience and advanced camera technology quickly and effectively. 

Everything in view


Shopkeeper and personnel often do not have time for keeping an eye on the whole business all the time. After all they have to carry out their work. The investigators of the SAT Security GmbH offer you with their well-trained eyes competence and reliability.

To continue to Surveillance.

Investigators with extensive experience

The store detectives of the SAT Security GmbH are characterized by extensive experience. They are present at any time, vigilant and respond promptly and effectively. Thanks to our extensive experience and great sensitivity for people they manage to detect and apprehend potential thieves. Our store detectives are at your disposal in Kempten, Leutkirch und Memmingen im Allgäu.

Our investigators do not work for success fees!

>> Here you can request an individual and noncomittal offer for investigators 
>> or call us simply without obligation on Tel. 0049 - 8330-94000

Mobile surveillance system

Everything in view thanks to modern mobile surveillance systems

Modern cameras enable our house detectives to have every critical corners in view.
In just a few steps the surveillance system is built up and removed again.

The radio controlled mini cameras with rechargeable batteries will be placed in your premises at secret locations. As the camera images are transmitted wireless, the mobile mini cameras can be replaced easily and quickly.

Furthermore, we record the whole video material for evidence.

It is saved on to secure data supports and secured and placed in secure storage.

Discrete surveillance of persons / Observation of individuals

Observation of individuals with neutral motor vehicle

The observation of individuals focuses the screening of such people which are suspected of unfaithfulness. Proof of unfaithfulness is accumulated evidence including an activity report of observation. The documentation is handed over to the client and can be used as evidence in judicial proceedings.

Due to special operating resources and trainings the investigators of SAT Security GmbH are able to observe respected target persons absolutely inconspicuous. The actions of the target persons are fully and lawfully investigated and documented. It makes no difference which means of transportation (car, bus, railway) is used and where the target person may linger.

Among other thing to the observation of individuals belongs:

  • Checks on employees

    • did the employee really fell ill?
    • employee-owned business vehicles can be equipped with GPS transmitter to figure out whether he retains (forbidden) relationships with business contacts

  • Survey of manager / constructio manager (question: complies target person with schedule, ...)

  • Survey of private persons who are under serious criminal suspicion (for example marriage partner leads double life)

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