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Surveillance with utility vehicles and modern GPS devices

Utility vehicles on patrol
Utility vehicles on patrol
Construction site safety
Construction site safety
Whether you want to secure your construction site, bulk container or expensive construction vehicles the SAT Security GmbH is the ideal point of contact for all your security issues.

More and more frequently thefts on construction sites take place. The thieves take anything and everything not bolted to the floor. Their sights are fuel tanks and construction machinery.

As the only security company in the Allgäu we offer the complete range for the construction surveillance: Among our services around the surveillance of construction are the protection of construction sites overnight (as required even 24 hours) by trained security personnel with modern off-road utility vehicles.

Besides the protection on-site we offer the monitoring of equipment via GPS transmitter. After a hidden installation of small transmitter equipment our GPS surveillance system reports our headquarters the movement of all sorts of machinery and vehicles, including all conditions like "cargo loaded", "cargo unloaded" or "theft".

For example: Your driver switches the ignition of the machinery or vehicle on and our transmitter reports the action to our headquarters.


Detection of construction machinery on low-loader and sea containers 

In case of theft of vehicles or equipment  we can use hidden placed charging transmitter batteries to detect their location with great precision and monitor the objects worldwide, even when they are shipped on low-loaders or sea containers. If necessary we can deactivate the ignition by a simple mouse click so that the vehicle cannot be started again.

The SAT Security GmbH thereby a complete package for the construction site safety consisting of construction site surveillance and controls and security of construction machinery by GPS device.

GPS position
GPS position
Construction site security
Construction site security

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