• Rental of armored limousines

    with VR7/9 Armor

  • S.A.T. secures 65th Nobel Prize meeting with German President Gauck

  • Helicopter Service

  • Airport security escort service

  • Personal protection for foreign guests

  • Plant protection and property security

  • Bodyguardservice

  • Site-hedging

Vocational Training

Weapons expertise

Specialist for protection and safety at SAT Security

After a long lasting demand of our associations BDGW and BDWS, the government now agreed to reform the sentry and security service.


The apprenticed profession „Protection and Security Specialist” was created.


The main focuses are divided into four categories:     

  • Personnel and plant security
  • Event security
  • Traffic services
  • Values and property protection


The duration of the training consists of a three-year-period training with several intermediate examinations. Older apprentices who have begun to learn a profession or already completed a training have the possibility to serve the apprenticeship within two years.  Every year as of September we recruit apprentices who need to meet the following demands: 

  • completion of 18th year of life
  • driving licence for vehicles up to 3 _ tons
  • unobjectionable certificate of good conduct and criminal record respectively
  • faultless SCHUFA information
  • secondary school level l certificate
  • reliable appearance
  • absolutely respectable behaviour

    Contact Person: Mr. Konrad Szorg

Shooting training

Shooting training 9 mm Para
Shooting range