• Rental of armored limousines

    with VR7/9 Armor

  • S.A.T. secures 65th Nobel Prize meeting with German President Gauck

  • Helicopter Service

  • Airport security escort service

  • Personal protection for foreign guests

  • Plant protection and property security

  • Bodyguardservice

  • Site-hedging

Sale of safety equipment
brand-new and second-hand

Actual offers:

  • Scania, 22 tons, armour-plating including war weapon security, with hydraulics vehicle bodywork, hight of 2,80 till 3,50 meters, snow chains, differential gear, clima control unit, phone, with general overhaul, approx. 400.000 km - 75.000 EUR

  • Several second-hand safes, 500 kg up to 3 t



  • used bulletproof glass and armoured glass doors 4-6 cm thick, always for sale, prices on application. Laser technology provides a exact layout.


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